Houston Immigration Court

Court Information

The Houston Immigration Court is the main immigration court located in downtown Houston, TX. This court handles non-detainee immigration court cases.

1801 Smith St #9th
Houston, TX 77002

Main phone: (713) 751-1500
Field office: (281) 774-4816

Immigration Court Staff

Immigration Judges

  • Lisa Luis, Assistant Chief Immigration Judge
  • Nimmo Bhagat
  • Anwer A. Khan
  • Sam Brown IV
  • Bao Q. Nguyen
  • Gary E. Endelman
  • Joshua D. Osborn
  • Marcos Gemoets
  • Georgina M. Picos
  • Saul E. Greenstein
  • Maritza S. Ramos
  • Sarah L. Hartnett
  • Richard D. Walton
  • Erica R. Hughes
  • Lynn W. Wang

Court Administrator

  • Mark Russelburg (Acting)

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