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The Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is dedicated to defending the rights of the Latino community in the United States. The primary objective of the Rivera y Bujosa Law Office is to exhaust all possible avenues while fighting for the rights of its clients in the different courts of the United States during criminal and immigration processes.

Criminal and immigration attorney, Octavio M. Rivera Bujosa, is cofounder and managing partner of the firm, Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC and is exclusively dedicated to criminal and immigration law in the state of Texas, throughout the United States and around the world.

Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is a firm committed to defending the Latino community from the attacks, persecutions and prejudices that it faces every day in the United States. Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is specifically dedicated to providing assistance to the immigrant and / or non-citizens of the United States in criminal cases before the federal courts of the United States or in the courts of the state of Texas. Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC also represents the rights of the Latino community in cases of removal or deportation before the Immigration Courts in all of the United States, the Board of Immigration Appeals and in the adjustment of status and / or immigration processes before the agency known as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

As you can see, what sets the Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC apart from other firms, among other things, is the experience and mastery of the branch of law that many call crimmigration. Crimmigration focuses on the link or intersection between immigration law and criminal law.

Most people who are subject to deportation proceedings or who have issues relating to their legal status need an attorney who can determine how a conviction for any crime would affect their options during the removal or adjustment of status process. This type of analysis requires that the attorney have experience in crimmigration.

Similarly, a criminal lawyer who does not know immigration law will not be able to adequately advise a person who is not a US citizen in a criminal process. This is because on many occasions what appears to be an excellent agreement from the criminal lawyer’s point of view can ultimately end up in the deportation of an immigrant from the United States.

Over the past twenty-four (24) years, attorney Octavio M. Rivera Bujosa has represented defendants in all types of state and federal criminal cases ranging from DWI offenses (driving under the influence) to drug trafficking, illegal human smuggling and murder. In addition, Attorney Rivera Bujosa is devoted to the defense of immigrants in deportation proceedings and in appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals or in the different Federal Circuit Courts.

Attorney Elba E. Medina Quintana is co-founder of the firm. Over the past eighteen (18) years, attorney Medina Quintana has been in charge of all the procedures relating to immigration applications including adjustments of status, petitions from families residing abroad, and pardons or waivers for those who have had irregular immigration status for a certain period of time in the United States.

Since founding this firm, Mr. Rivera Bujosa and Mrs. Medina Quintana have had the freedom to give clients and their cases their full attention and creativity. Over time, additional attorneys and legal staff have joined the firm, complementing the skills and experience of its founders. Our mission has been to offer excellent legal representation to the Latino community.

Selecting an attorney is difficult. When you or someone close to you is subject to a criminal investigation or has been arrested and is in the process of being deported, selecting an attorney can not only be extremely difficult and tense, it can sometimes be frustrating. If you choose the wrong attorney, things can be worse. You should choose an attorney who will be your advisor, and who is competent, experienced, understands your language and culture and is your champion. Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC invites you to discuss your case in person or over the phone if you wish.

This website has been designed to provide educational information only and is not intended to offer legal advice. Each case is unique, and the results vary depending on various factors and the legal cause of your case. Please do not make any decisions about your legal problems without consulting an attorney.

Octavio Rivera Bujosa

The lawyer Octavio M. Rivera Bujosa is the first to point out that the keys to his professional success stem from his origins and the extraordinary litigating attorneys that life has given him the opportunity to meet and learn from. Octavio was born in Zaragoza, Spain, and hails from the mountains of Utuado, Puerto Rico, where he grew up listening to anecdotes about the great criminal lawyer of that time: Don Tomás Torres Cortés. Octavio is an American, Spanish, and Puerto Rican citizen at heart. [Read More]
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